Holidays and Exercise

Hello, Friends!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is in just a few days?  Where did the year go?  Just because the holiday revolves around comfort food while spending time with family and friends, doesn’t mean you have to give up all your hard work of clean eating.  Many of you may be tempted to think, “Why bother at all?” with your clean eating or exercise this week.  I get it!  It’s hard to plan for all your guests (especially for dietary needs), you don’t want to be rude to the host, or it’s just going to be your cheat WEEK.  I agree, it will be tough this week, heck month, to stay on track.

Let me tell you, you can still have your cake (or pumpkin pie) and eat it too!  It will take some extra careful PLANNING.  Throw in a brisk morning walk or leisurely stroll in the afternoon.  Play some yard sports with the kids.  Just PLAN to get in some extra physical exercise to accommodate the extra calories.  Just remember, cheat meals are not just about what you are eating, but how MUCH you are consuming as well.  It’s important to practice portion control on Thursday and throughout the holiday season.

When everyone is napping after over indulging on turkey, stuffing and that pie, you can walk the dog, who is upset he didn’t get any of the goodness despite begging at the table.  Your GUILT level the next day will be minimal for that traditional meal.  If you’d like a little encouragement and support, my team will be sharing more tips in our “Hot for the Holidays” accountability group that starts TODAY.  In this group we will provide 30 days of online support and accountability alone with tips on how to not only survive the holidays, but go into 2016 looking better than ever.  I still have a few spots left.  Email me at if you’d like to be added.

Join us for Hot for the Holidays Accountability Group

I also wanted you to mark your calendars for ONE of the fun free groups we have coming up.  Starting next Monday, November 30th, our Team will be hosting a FIVE DAYS of FITNESS Holiday Party.  Our team of coaches will be making fitness FUN and sharing holiday love.  Join us for some workouts, motivation, games and best of all…DAILY PRIZES!  To JOIN US, simply indicate “GOING” in this Facebook group:

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!



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