Cocktails & Exercise

Exercise Drink CaloriesShould I have that drink?

We all want to feel comfortable while socializing with our family and friends at any gathering.  This time of year brings on the guilt of the holidays for eating too much junk and being a bit to merry.  Don’t deprive yourself of a little holiday cheer, but don’t go swimming in the spiked eggnog either.

For my cheat sheet, I used the standard size pour but that doesn’t mean what you are drinking is the same.  Your bartender might pour heavy and the brand percent of alcohol could be stronger/weaker.  The exercise is based off of a 150 lb. person.  Of course, the calories burned are dependent on intensity of workout, weight of person and length of activity.  This gives you a good idea of how hard you have to hit it to make up for the indulgence.

cocktails & exercise graphic

If you want to look like you are sipping on a drink, but don’t want the alcohol, ask the bartender to pour you water in a low ball glass and add a slice of fruit or an olive.  No one will be the wiser and your workout routine will remain the same.   Please drink responsibly, Don’t Drink and Drive.


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