Guilt Free New Year’s Eve

Tips on Enjoying NYE no Guilt

Just because it is one of the largest gathering nights of the year doesn’t mean it has to come riddled with guilt if you have a drink and a few good eats.  Everything in moderation is the key.

Don’t starve yourself during the day thinking you can make up for it later. Your system will be all out of whack. You will be starving by the time you see all the calorie loaded goodies and your mind will give up and make excuses to not count the day at all.  Trust me, those calories will need to be burned off somehow.

Instead, eat wisely throughout the day – small meals every few hours.  Save your fruits and some of your carbs for tonight.  Concentrate on getting in you proteins and veggies (never too many greens).  Fiber is a great filler.  This will help sustain you too.

In-between your drink of choice, have a glass of water.  Or, like I’ve mentioned before, get a fancy glass, fill it with ice water and add a slice of lime or lemon for garish.  No one will even think twice about it.  You could also be the hero of the night and be the designated driver – no questions asked as to why you are not partaking in the alcohol.   Drinking water will also fill you up so you are not as likely to make a return trip to the buffet.

Speaking of buffet – Try to pick out the healthier options.  Go for salads, fruit and veggies (minus the dips), and a few nuts.  Limit your servings to just one.  When you are done, throw out the plate and move away from the table.   Go socialize or dance.  Don’t graze through the night – too many trips to the buffet will lead to more temptation.  Go enjoy your friends and family.

Don’t feel obligated to eat or drink anything at the party.  Maybe you want to eat your meal or have shakeology before you go.  That is okay too.  Unless it’s a party of two, no one will really notice what you are or aren’t eating/drinking.

Remember – it is always about YOU and what your are trying to ACCOMPLISH!  Don’t worry about anyone else.  Have a good time and don’t beat yourself up if you eat something you didn’t intend on eating.  It’s not the end of the world, just of the end of the year.  Bring on the New Year and the New You!

Please be safe!  Happy New Year!!


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